Helping you with your Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission Claim

About us

The Workers’ Advisor Office (WAO) works with you. We attempt to help provide support and solutions without having to go through a formal appeals process with the WSCC. If this does not work, the Workers’ Advisor will help you get ready for an appeal. This includes going with you to the appeal to explain your case. The WAO provides a range of supports and assistance to workers injured in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut. These services include:

  • Obtaining information from the WSCC on your behalf;
  • Helping clients communicate with the WSCC;
  • Explaining the WSCC process and decisions;
  • Reviewing file evidence, and obtaining further evidence that may be necessary to support your case;
  • Assisting you to prepare and present submissions to all WSCC decision-making levels; and
  • Referring clients to other community services.

The WAO will assist any injured worker or their family members who contact the Office seeking assistance or information about their WSCC claim. A client’s first contact with the WAO may take place while the client’s claim is at any stage of the WSCC process. Some clients contact the WAO prior to completing the claim forms, while others make first contact leading up to an appearance before the Review Committee or Appeals Tribunal. Regardless of where a client’s claim is in the WSCC process, the WAO can offer assistance.

After discussing the client’s concerns, the WAO usually beings the process by obtaining and reviewing the WSCC file. It is then possible for the WAO to advise the client of the options available to them. This may involve explaining what has happened to-date, to making representations on behalf of the client to the decision-making authorities within the WSCC system.

The WAO may decline to further assist a client if it is clear there are no grounds on which to further their case. This may be the result of medical evidence, or a lack of statutory entitlement.